FENIX™ Creamy Vanilla

Nutritional Shake Mix with bioactive nutrients and protein to help you get the nutrition you need to lose weight, or just feel great.
Item No: 1101
30 Scoops Per Pouch / $2.26 Per Shake
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Transform your lifestyle with FENIX, an exclusive protein shake mix with a patented blend of concentrated whey protein, vitamins, minerals, and prebiotic fiber. The secret ingredient? The Ganoderma mushroom. When combined with exercise program and healthy lifestyle, this meal replacement shake can help you transform you life, in just minutes a day.

FENIX is a full-nutritional, protein-packed meal replacement shake with a proprietary blend of protein, fiber, and nutritional supplement. The tasty, creamy shake offers a balanced meal with only 250 calories (with milk, without milk 110 calories).

Whey Protein Concentrate – A biologically superior protein that helps build lean muscle and fight off hunger.
Fibersol®/ Resistance Maltrodextrin -- Compound to promote a healthy gut balance.
Sodium and Potassium – Optimal levels of sodium (delivered through sea salt) and potassium to balance fluid in the body.
Ganoderma mushroom powder – An ancient secret in healthy plants, the ganoderma mushroom powder maximizes the health compounds of the mushroom.

Mix 1 scoop with 8-10 oz. (300 ml) of non-fat milk or partially skimmed milk and enjoy.

FENIX Creamy Vanilla Ingredients