Breakfast Kit Chocolate

Content: 1 OGX FENIX™ Shake Rich Chcolate, 1 Gourmet Black Coffee, 1 FENIX XT™

1 shake a day keeps the fat away

- A better, more nutritious breakfast
- Save over $1,000 a year by choosing ORGANO
- A boost of energy to complete your day

Item No: 20180922US
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Start your day the healthy way with the FENIX Breakfast Kit. The delicious, rich chocolate flavored shake gives you a quick, healthy, and balanced meal in less than 90 seconds. Round out your breakfast with a cup of ORGANO Black coffee to ensure you’re getting a fully balanced, inexpensive meal every single morning. If you feel like you need an extra boost of energy, enjoy a sachet of XT Energy Mix with your afternoon pro meal to give you the added kick you need to complete your day. Kit contents: - 1 Box (30 sachets) Organo Gourmet Black Coffee with Ganoderma - 1 Pouch (30 servings) OGX FENIXTM Chocolate Flavor Nutritional Shake Mix - 1 Box (15 sachets) FENIX XTTM Advanced Energy Mix For more information about ORGANO products, click on one of the product categories, located in the top menu bar.