OGXFENIX™ Breakfast Kit - Chocolate

Content: 1 FENIX Rich Chocolate, 1 Gourmet Black Coffee

1 shake a day keeps the fat away

- A better, more nutritious breakfast
- Save over $1,000 a year by choosing ORGANO


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Start your day the OG way by saving some money and enjoying a healthy, nutritious meal.

This delicious, creamy vanilla flavored shake can be made into a quick and healthy meal in less than 90 seconds. Pair it with the bold flavor of ORGANO Black Coffee and it's the perfect way to start your day.

Many people eat a high carb, low protein breakfast that not only lacks nutrition, but can leave you tired and still hungry.

The OG Breakfast kit offers better protein, better nutrition, and better taste -- all for better value.

Kit contents:
- 1 Box (30 sachets) Organo Gourmet Black Coffee with Ganoderma  
- 1 Pouch (30 servings) FENIX Chocolate Flavor Nutritional Shake Mix

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