OGX FENIX 3-Day Trial Kit

Contains: 6 sachets FENIX™ Creamy Vanilla Nutritional Shake Mix, 1 sachet FENIX XT™ Advanced Energy Workout Supplement, 1 sachet FENIX DX™ Advanced Detox Support Supplement, 1 sachet Organic Green Tea, 1 sachet Gourmet Black Coffee

Kickstart your weight loss journey with the OGX 3 Day Trial Kit!
A 3-day supply of premium weight management products to help you Fuel your FENIX and boost your health.
Item No: 20181001US
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The OGX System promotes a healthy way of life by combining premium products that support good nutrition with a proper diet and exercise routine.

Our OGX weight management products help you to keep an active lifestyle while giving your body the best nutrition it needs to lose or maintain weight, or fuel performance. 

Use our free meal plan and recipes to help you create satisfying meals, and mouth-watering shakes that help you fuel your body. With high-quality protein, prebiotic fiber and more, you are getting the nutrition you need to support good health (or an on-the-go lifestyle)

The new OGX 3 Day Trial Kit gives you a taste of these products to help you kick-start your weight loss journey. This 3-day supply provides you with incredible results for you to make sure that the OGX System is right for you!