FENIX™ Rich Chocolate

Nutritional Shake Mix with bioactive nutrients and protein to help you get the nutrition you need to lose weight, or just feel great.
Item No: 1102
30 Scoops Per Pouch / $2.26 Per Shake
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A proprietary blend of concentrated whey protein, vitamins, minerals, prebiotic fiber -- and the ORGANO exclusive Ganoderma mushroom. This balanced nutritional meal replacement shake can help you manage weight, boost your nutrition, and transform your lifestyle -- when combined with exercise and a balanced diet.

A fast, convenient meal replacement shake that can help you boost your nutrition, manage your weight, and save money. Only 110 calories per serving (250 with recommended serving of milk), FENIX offers a nutritionally balanced meal replacement in just minutes. Enjoy the creamy taste knowing your body will enjoy the proprietary blend of protein, fiber, and nutritional support.

Whey Protein Concentrate – Biological protein that delivers superior support in weight loss, lean muscle gain, and reduction of hunger.
Fibersol®/ Resistance Maltrodextrin – exclusive ingredient to boost that "healthy gut" feeling.
Sodium (sea salt) and Potassium – naturally derived electrolytes to support a balanced body and hydration levels.
Ganoderma mushroom powder – exclusive ingredient that contains triterpeniods and amino acids.

Mix 1 scoop with 8-10 oz. (300 ml) of non-fat milk or partially skimmed milk and enjoy.

FENIX Rich Chocolate Ingredients